Professional family holiday photos in Notting Hill, Mayfair and the City of London

Professional family holiday photos in Notting Hill and Central London

This family was visiting over from Hong Kong, and although both parents have studied here (many moons ago) it was the first time for them here as a family of three and a very special trip indeed.

They decided to book a half-day session – which is becoming more and more popular with my overseas families – so we had some proper time to explore different locations in London.

Preparing for their family vacation photoshoot

We had spent some time chatting over the email and on the phone, planning their vacation photoshoot and ensuring we’d planned not only for great picture spots but also for an enjoyable day exploring London as a family, something I’m always really keen on. It really makes a huge difference to the day when you’re not rushing from one picturesque spot to another but instead have ample time to explore the city – whether it’s on foot or black cab or bus – with a professional photographer to hand to capture everything!

On the day of their family photoshoot

On the day of the photoshoot we started from a little walk around Mayfair where they were staying, then caught a double-decker bus to Notting Hill. As it was springtime, everything was in bloom and looking really beautiful and I love taking my families to this area of London, away from the hustle and bustle of the more Central spots.

After a quick pit stop at The Continental Kitchen we caught a cab to One New Change and St Paul’s Cathedral, continuing our walk along over Millennium Bridge and to Tower Bridge for some more cool photos along the way.

It was pure joy spending the day with them, and as you can see from the photos they have a very special bond with their son and are full of smiles and laughter! My best advice for families booking a vacation photoshoot with me is always just to plan an enjoyable day, and be yourselves, and let me do my magic alongside you!

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family from Hong Kong walking in Mayfair with red back buildings behind them

a family with a young boy playing in front of colourful houses in Notting Hill

a family checking out Portobello Road shops in Notting Hill during their family photoshoot


a family enjoying their time together with colourful houses in Notting Hill providing a great backdrop to the photograph

a black and white image of a family from hong kong visiting London

a family of three riding London back cab and the child is bored

mother and sun hugging on a rooftop with St Paul's Cathedral in the background

family photoshoot in the City of London with St Paul's Cathedral in the background

boy buying caramelised peanuts on millenium bridge in London

family playing during a vacation photoshoot with Tower Bridge in the background

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