Beauty Hunting

“A quiet, exquisite book, full of observations of the kind of fleeting, everyday beauty that has the capacity to make life not only endurable but sometimes even wonderful.” – Sophie Howarth, author of The Mindful Photographer

Beauty Hunting is an introspective body of work, exploring themes of isolation, emotional trauma and dealing with addiction within the family.

A visual diary of sorts, it charts my healing process, the rediscovery of self that was lost, and serves as a reminder that recovery is not linear. Created over the course of 24 months in response to personal trauma and a breakdown of a long-term relationship, this body of work is inspired – and is led by – the daily practice of mindfulness and meditation.

It draws parallels between the rhythms of the natural world and the cycle of recovery, exploring how our connection with nature can aid in healing generational wounds of addiction.

For this book, I worked with an award-winning book designer and curator Alla Mirovskaya. Together, we crafted a book that creates an immersive and introspective experience. A meditative space to fill with your own thoughts, to explore the cycles of healing, and to return to again and again.

In the words of the book designer Alla Mirovskaya:

“I was immediately drawn to Antonina’s idea because the viewer doesn’t see the main character, the author. Instead, they see the world through her eyes, allowing them to put themselves in the photographer’s shoes and connect with her experiences. In other words, it’s a book that leaves room for the viewer to become a co-author in creating the meanings that unfold as they flip through the pages.”

“The small size and diary-like format invite readers to return to its pages time and again, discovering new resonances within themselves.The book becomes a symbolically safe and secluded space where the viewer can embark on their own journey. Despite the apparent simplicity, the book cannot be fully understood or deciphered. Each photograph and their combination carry hidden depths, leaving room for open interpretation.”

“I feel that this book is one of those to which you can return again and again and always find some new resonance with what you have inside yourself. It exudes something deeply personal, yet at the same time, it is universal.”

The images from Beauty Hunting have been featured by the Royal Photographic Society (UK), Solar Festival (Brazil), Black River Magazine (UK) and exhibited as part of Photo Canopy 2022 (UK).

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