My personal creative practice is focused on documentation of lived family and childhood experiences.

I often work on multiple long-term projects simultaneously, experimenting and following my curiousity and intuition until things start falling into place and a story starts taking shape. I use photography, archives, interviews and written word to explore the themes of identity and belonging; trauma and recovery; and the human connection with nature.

Beauty Hunting

2020 — 2022

Beauty Hunting is an introspective body of work, exploring themes of isolation, emotional trauma and dealing with addiction within the family. 


2022 — ongoing

(Un)masking is an exploration of female neurodiversity through personal archive, original and appropriated text. 


2022 — ongoing

Motherland traces my family history in the Tsarist and Soviet Russia, and asks questions about how the effects of inherited generational trauma shape who we are.


2022 — ongoing

This project exploring our relationship with our bodies, sharing stories of female empowerement through wild swimming.


2019 — ongoing

Educated is an ongoing project that explores an alternative way of learning and living. It challenges our preconcieved notions about what education – and, consequently, success – is and how it can be achieved.