Beautiful, authentic photos of your tiny little person

Your baby is his or her own little person right from the start.  Some are squishy and sleepy. Others cry a lot and have trouble feeding. Some want to be held. Others don’t.  Some love water. Others scream bloody murder come bath time.

Posed images of babies in baskets may be cute but they don’t reflect your baby’s unique personality or document your real and sometimes raw first days together. My goal is always to produce images that capture this fleeting stage in a beautiful but authentic and natural way.

Photographing a new baby is always incredible and holds a very special place in my heart.

Antonina spent the day with me, my husband, and our newborn son and managed to capture the spirit of our little family perfectly. She made us feel so relaxed in front of the camera and the beautiful photos reflect this.


Kate & Luke, Fulham Newborn Photoshoot


Newborn photos with a photojournalistic style

Antonina Mamzenko: Newborn Baby Photographer in London

I think the best place for your baby is in your arms so I never ‘style’ your baby or use props or accessories to capture their newness.  My documentary, photojournalistic approach to newborn pictures means there is no need to pose your baby on a beanbag, or to ensure they are asleep for an extended period. 

The most beautiful newborn pictures are simple and honest photographs of parents and baby finding their feet together. The scale of their tiny feet in your hands, their skin on yours, the awkward little limbs in your arms. The beauty lies in the bond between you and this is what I will capture.

There’s more about my style and other styles of newborn photography in my blog post: how to choose the right newborn photographer.


When to book your newborn photoshoot

While many newborn photographers prefer to take newborn photos when your baby is extremely new (six to fourteen days), I am a bit more relaxed about when we do it.  Because I don’t pose your baby I don’t need him or her to be extra sleepy, so you can have your shoot when you all feel ready. I’ve photographed newborn babies as young as five days old, and as old as three months, and the results are always lovely.

It’s best to get in touch with me while you’re pregnant, and I will pencil in your due date. Once your baby is born we can confirm a date for the shoot. If your baby has already arrived, do get in touch and I will do my best to find time for you.


What to expect on the shoot

There’s no need to make any special preparations or even leave the house, which can be a relief in the early days with a new baby. I will join you at your home when you’re ready, documenting everyday life: feeding, cuddling, nappy changing, bathtime and snoozing.

We will spend about fifteen minutes creating some very relaxed and natural portraits of you with your newborn, as well as some pictures of baby on their own. There’s no need to worry if your baby is falling asleep, or is fussy or not on schedule. I photograph you just as you are, perfectly imperfect – and that’s the beauty of it.

Awesome family photographer! Highly recommended if you want a no fuss, friendly face and eye-catching images. She’s also got special powers with young children and babies.


Catherine, West London Newborn Photoshoot


A handmade museum-quality album is a beautiful keepsake to hand down to your child. I will help you choose your images and meticulously art direct the production of your album or framed prints to showcase your pictures in the most beautiful and authentic way. Alternatively, you can choose a digital archive for the freedom to share with family and friends.

Newborn photography sessions start from £295 and most clients invest between £800 and £4000 in a range of heirloom albums, framed fine art prints or digital images. Contact me for full family photography pricing information. 

Antonina is a really gifted photographer. She takes photos that make you proud to be in the picture, but also show emotions and tell a story.


Karolina, Twickenham Newborn & Family Photoshoot