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Welcome! I’m Antonina, it’s nice to have you here!

After graduating with a law degree from one of the top law schools in Russia I’ve turned my life upside down and moved to the UK, where I studied arts management and worked in marketing before starting my own photography business.

I’ve been a professional photographer since 2009 and now enjoy working with many wonderful families from across the world.

Although my first passion will always be storytelling with my photography and helping children and parents create a visual record of their family history, I’m also a total marketing geek and I love helping other photographers figure the business side of things out and seeing my student succeed and build their businesses on their own terms fills me with joy.

In addition to a limited number of  one-to-one mentoring spots I open every year, once a year I run The Business Intensive which is designed to help family photographers in their first few years of business to set themselves up for success.

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Johanna King

Power Hour

Well not really an hour, but a 90 minute Zoom call where we can discuss anything and everything you would like – but I suggest to focus on one or two key areas. Here are some ideas of the things I can help you with:

 Our call will be recorded and you’ll be able to re-watch it again if you need to! 

One “Power Hour” session is £250, and only a limited number of Power Hour sessions is available throughout the year so if you’re interested in booking one, please get in touch to check availability. 

4 Hour In-Person Coaching Session

For when you have a lot of questions and need a lot more time. We will look closely at your business, and I’ll help you work through your blocks, identify your strengths and opportunities, and create a customised action plan you can follow. We can also include some shooting time if that’s something you’d like help with.

In-person coaching sessions will take place near my home in Surrey; we can also arrange to meet in London depending on my availability. Each session is £595 – or if you’d like to share it with a friend, it’s £300 each.

Here are just some ideas on what we can focus on during your Power Hour or In-Person coaching sessions:


  • pricing: I can help you figure out exactly what to charge and how to structure or offering for the best results
  • sales training: whether you need help with in person sales or online sales, I’m your gal!
  • portfolio review: to ensure you are not only putting your best work forward, but that it’s also sending the right signals to your ideal client and is in line with your brand
  • website critique: is your website working for you? I will be able to review it and offer a checklist of things you could improve upon
  • marketing and branding: how to attract your ideal clients and get booked
  • documentary approach in the real world: how I make documentary photography work for private commissions and shorter sessions
  • and anything else! I really am an open book during these calls!


opening for enrolment again in early 2020 – pop your name on the waitlist below

Are you…

  • not getting enough enquiries?
  • putting on a brave face even though you haven’t booked a paying client in months?
  • tired of everyone telling you your prices are too high?
  • hate marketing yourself and putting yourself forward?
  • not sure what to charge in the first place – and how to structure your pricing for the best returns?
  • feel frustrated trying to keep up with social media channels that don’t bring you any work?
  • working your butt off away from your kids only to realise you haven’t even been earning a living wage?

You are not alone and it breaks my heart to see so many talented photographers struggle because they just don’t know enough about pricing, or marketing, or both. Read on to discover how I can help you!

Would you like to…

  • attract clients that really value what you ?
  • earn a sustainable wage?
  • learn how to market yourself in a way that feels organic to your personality?
  • stop feeling icky about sales?
  • shoot less and make more

Then you are in the right place.

This is not a marketing course, or a pricing course, because neither can exist in isolation.

And this definitely is not a “one size fits all”.

This is a business intensive that will give you all the information you need to establish and grow a successful family photography business, provide you with advice, tools and encouragement to take you from having an expensive hobby to running a profitable business – on your own terms.

Are you ready to be brave and make the change?

“Can’t recommend this course highly enough. Antonina is so insightful and gives wonderful advice and such a welcoming environment to learn in!”

Nadine Boyd

“I’ve been a family photographer for 3+ years and have always struggled with selling products and how to price my sessions. Antonina’s course was fantastic as it helped teach me how to value the work I create and how to market and sell to my ideal client. I really didn’t think I could sell and attract the right clients but putting in place all the learnings Antonina suggested I had my first big sale which was just under £1k – that’s 3 times more than my average in the past! This has given me confidence that I can sell and work towards meeting my business goals.”

Hiral Jethwa

“One of the best business courses I’ve ever done. So full of content. I feel I’ve reached a higher level!”

Francesca Brecciaroli

“Whether you are just staring out, or have been practicing for a while Antonina’s Business Intensive is a fantastic resource to help any growing photography business structure their pricing, marketing strategy, and refine their website portfolios to attract the right clients. After her Business Intensive I now have a clear personalised strategy to implement in my business for 2019. With over 10 years in the industry Antonina has a wealth of information and resources to impart which is priceless. And she’s a lovely lady too! I can highly recommend her course.”

Amanda Dalby

“Antonina helped me reframe my priorities and get myself organised.  I highly recommend working with her to help take the next step forward, to review your portfolio and help focus your business in the right direction”

Tracy Warren