here’s how a photoshoot with Antonina works

Before the Shoot

Once your photoshoot is booked in, I’ll take the time to get to know you and your family a little better. About a week before the day we’ll have a phone consultation to chat about all the things you like doing as a family, and the crazy quirky and adorable antics your kids get up to.

Need tips on what to wear? I will of course help with that, but rest assured you will not need to rush to the shops and purchase coordinated outfits for everyone (unless that’s what floats your boat of course!).

On the day of the shoot

The photoshoot with me is a fun and enjoyable experience, and I will put you and the kids at ease before I start snapping away. There is no need to pose, look at the camera or for the kids to be on their best behaviour – just be your awesome selves! Please don’t pretend to be a perfect parent, they don’t exist. Just get on with your day as you normally would.

I tend to drift between actively entertaining the kids, making a complete fool of myself to get the genuine laughs, and blending into the background to capture more quiet, intimate moments. If required, I will give a little direction, particularly when we are getting the all-important family portrait, but otherwise I will let you just be and enjoy this time together as a family.


After your photoshoot

Your photographs will be ready within four weeks (a little longer if I captured the whole day for you), and we will arrange the time for you to view them and make your selections – either via a password-protected online gallery, or in-person.

You only ever buy what you love, and I will always be on hand to help you with your selections and advice on what might work better for the images you love. Once your albums and frames are ready I will hand-deliver them to you at a convenient time (if you’re overseas they will of course be shipped to you).


“Oh my goodness! I think you have captured every single possible expression of the kids as well as the antics they get up to! I’m blown away! Love them all, even the ones of us in our PJ’s. You capture the essence of our family. I will treasure these forever!”

Roksana & Tariq, St Albans



My work is unconventional in many ways because I don’t try to capture perfection. 

Instead, I will tune in with what makes you unique and real.

It’s this spontaneous, natural style that captures the true essence of your family and gives my work a journalistic quality.

one of the top uk family photographers antonina mamzenko


I’m Antonina, a London family photographer who takes a photojournalistic approach. 

I’m a recovering lawyer, an imperfect mother and a book junkie.

Creating candid, artistic family photography is my true calling.


Everything you need to know about your family photoshoot, including full pricing information and frequently asked questions.