What to expect on a family photoshoot


I want this to be a joyful, fun adventure for you.   A way for you and your family to get creative together as you tell your own story. Something fun and a bit unfamiliar that you jump into with both feet (you could say it’s a little like parenthood in that respect).

It’s my job to make that easy for you.  

I’ll guide you through the whole process from beginning to end so you can let go of any concerns and just enjoy the ride. 

Scroll down to find out how it all works.

“She instantly made my children feel comfortable, to the extent that my son refers to her as his friend. This has made all the difference in the world, as she’s always captured them at their best.


April & Mike, London & New York Family Photoshoots

Step one: Getting comfortable with everything

Let’s start with a chat to decide what type of shoot will suit you best and answer any other questions you might have. When you are ready to go ahead, I will pencil in your preferred date and send over the booking form and invoice. Once the invoice is paid, your date is secured. 

We’ll also schedule another call so we can get to know each other a bit better and chat through ideas for the shoot. I’ll want to know what sort of things you like to do together as a family and the things that matter most to you.  I’ll contact you to confirm final details about a week before the shoot and make sure you are comfortable with everything.

Step Two: Be your beautiful selves

During our shoot we’ll chat, laugh and play games, and I’ll let you do your thing.  Many families remark how lovely it is to spend time just being together without distractions.  Over the past ten years as a family photographer I’ve seen it all and I’ll be able to adjust for unexpected scenarios like changes in the weather or your child’s mood.  

Sometimes I will entertain the children to get some genuine laughs, other times I’ll blend into the background to capture more quiet, intimate moments. Don’t stress or try to be the perfect parent (there’s no such thing). Just be yourselves and leave the rest to me.  The results will amaze you.


“We are a family of people who hate being photographed – uncooperative grandparents, self-conscious parents and a small baby – yet the photoshoot felt totally relaxed.


Sarah & Christian, Banstead Family Photoshoot

STEP THREE: WAIT… Patience is a virtue

After our shoot I head back to my office to download and backup your photographs.  I’ll probably have taken several hundred pictures, so it takes a while to carefully go through them one by one. You don’t see this happening, but this explains why I’ll go quiet for a bit.

I’ll select the best and colour correct them by hand. Photographs from the Adventure Session are typically ready within four weeks, while a Day in the Life gallery will take about six to eight weeks to prepare.  I hope you can bear the suspense; I promise it will be worth the wait.

Step Four: Choose Memories to treasure

Once your images are ready I will upload them to a secure, temporary online gallery and send you a link. We’ll agree a time that suits you, and you will have three days to choose your favourites. It helps us set aside time to do this properly in the midst of busy family life, and I’ll be there to advise you and help you make the right decisions. 

As soon as I have received your payment I will begin design of your heirlooms and send any designs to you for approval.  I focus on making sure your chosen images tell your story and that the pictures in your albums flow beautifully. Most fine art album and print orders will be ready for you within six weeks of approval but do let me know if you have a deadline and I’ll do my best to meet it. I can ship most items overseas so please check with me for the additional costs as they will vary from country to country.

Our session was free-flowing, fun, unhurried, and a wonderful stroll through London streets and landmarks. I cried tears of happiness when I saw the photos.”


Michelle, London Family Photoshoot


Ready to get in touch? I’d love to discuss some ideas for your family photoshoot and how I can help you telling your story.

Simply send me an email or give me a call and I’ll take it from there.


There are many ways you can enjoy, share and treasure your photographs. 

A handmade museum-quality album will be passed down through the family and framed art prints or a keepsake box can be enjoyed daily.  Or you can choose a digital archive for the freedom to share and print over and over.

Please get in touch for more information.


Do you have insurance?

Yes, I’m fully insured, including public liability insurance. 


I don’t want my photos shared online or used in promotion, can you guarantee my privacy?

I will never publish or share any of your images without your permission and I’m always very discreet. I regularly work with high profile individuals, adoptive parents and families from the Middle East. If you don’t want your images shared, please talk to me to confirm this.


We are travelling to London from overseas, can we book you?

Of course. I regularly photograph families from all over the globe, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, USA, Canada, Russia and many other countries. Whether you are visiting for a holiday or even coming to have your baby here, I’d be delighted to show you my city.


Can our nanny join us on the shoot?

Absolutely. In fact, an extra pair of hands to look after bags and pushchairs when we are out and about is always helpful and I’m happy to include your nanny in photographs if that’s what you’d like.


Can we get a more traditional portrait as part of our shoot?

Sure thing. This will take about fifteen minutes and we can create a portrait that will be natural, relaxed and full of personality.

Can grandparents get involved too?

I believe it’s so important to capture the special moments with grandparents or even great-grandparents so I love to have them included in my photoshoots. Just let me know in advance and try to get them on board with a more documentary approach to family photography, although portraits of grandparents and children can be very beautiful too.


Can we include our pet in the photoshoot? 

Yes! Pets are part of the family and you can include them in any of my sessions. I’m comfortable with animals, have owned my own cats and dogs, and know how to work around them.


My children don’t like posing for photos and I don’t know if they’ll cooperate?

I’ll tell you a secret: I don’t like posing children either, so we are a perfect match! The best photographs happen when kids are free to play and explore without having to pose. I allow time for everyone to relax so it doesn’t even feel like a photoshoot. 


Do you travel for photoshoots?

Yes, regularly. I am available for travel both within the UK and overseas. I have photographed families in the USA and Europe and have travelled with my London-based clients to capture their holidays overseas. Travel costs will apply.

Antonina skilfully drifted between actively entertaining the kids to blending into the background and catching what felt like private moments.  She succeeded in capturing the personalities of my children perfectly.”


Christie & Stuart, St Margarets Family Photoshoot


To find out more about how it all works, and to book your own photoshoot, please get in touch today.