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Candid and Natural Photos of Your Trip With Zero Cheese

Welcome! I’m Antonina. I’m a family photojournalist and London vacation photographer specializing in candid, natural family photography that involves zero cheese and no posing.

I believe in seeing extraordinary in the ordinary. I believe that real is the new perfect. I believe that some trips deserve more than selfies – they deserve great photographs which will be passed from generation to generation.

I’m passionate about creating meaningful family photographs for families from across the globe, and work all across London.

Behind the Scenes on a Landmark Family Photoshoot in London

Landmark Family Photoshoot in London


One of the many options for your vacation photography session in London is booking a landmark photoshoot. We will chat ahead of your session, and discuss which landmarks you’re really keen to get into your images, and then suggest a “walkabout” route based on that.

There is so much to choose from! Some of my clients love starting their London photoshoot at Big Ben or London Eye, and then continuing to walk along South Bank towards Millenium Bridge and Tate Modern. Others want to capture the Tower Bridge and the quirky Shard Thames nearby. In the Spring, there’s nothing better than heading towards Kensington and Notting Hill and exploring walking the picturesque streets and cobbled mews full of white and pink spring blooms, hitting Portobello Market and resting in the little cafes full of character.

Whether it’s a short two hours, or the full Day in the Life photoshoot, I will be on hand to help you choose the best places to capture your holiday in London.

Family Photoshoots in London’s Parks


Many of my Middle-Eastern clients prefer heading to one of London’s Royal Parks for their London vacation photos. In the spring and summer, they are full of greenery, so it’s a perfect option to get family photos that are so different from what you can get home.

If you’re staying in Kensington or Notting Hill, then Hyde Park is a perfect option for you. If you’re in Hampstead or St John’s Wood areas, then Regent’s Park with its beautiful rose garden, or Hampstead Heath with lots of pretty wooded areas and views over the whole of London from Parliament Hill would be both great choices.

I am always on hand to advise the best option for you, so please don’t hesitate to ask!

I will treasure these forever!

“Oh my goodness! I think you have captured every single possible expression of the kids as well all the antics they get up to! I’m blown away! Love them all even the ones of us in our PJ’s. You capture the essence of our family. I will treasure these forever!”

We love them!!

“Thank you soooo much for creating beautiful images that we can cherish for the rest of our lives. We love them!! Perfectly executed. The photos have captured Ameera beautifully and you have done an excellent job capturing our mood and love for her at the time. You are amazing!”

Thank you so much!

“We just love them all and you have captured just everything with such detail it will help us hold on to those beautiful memories.”


One Frame: First Birthday Vacation Photos in London

For today’s One Frame I picked this image from one of the London Vacation Photoshoots I did back in May. The family contacted just before they arrived in London, and wanted to document not only their time in our beautiful city, but also their daughter turning one. I love this capture as it’s a wonderful juxtaposition of the baby girl’s facial expression and her pink birthday dress, framed by the elbows of her parents – it’s just so unbearably cute, the family had it printed as a fine art print and included in their album as well.

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One Frame: Vacation Family Photos at Cafe Royal Hotel

For today’s One Frame I picked this image from a recent Vacation Photoshoot in London for a family from the Middle-East. It was a very last minute booking as they stopped off in London for a few days on their way back home from the States, but I was delighted to accommodate as it wasn’t the first time I photographed these guys! We first met in 2011, when their first son was just about to turn 2 years old, and now they have been blessed with the second cheeky little monkey, who was now also two years old!

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One Frame: Vacation Family Photos in Regent’s Park

I enjoy photographing clients who are visiting London – either just for a week, a couple of months, or for staying to live for a couple of years. For this “morning in the life” family photoshoot we headed to Regent’s Park shortly after they arrived from Saudi Arabia. Like many of my Middle-Eastern clients, they were keen to capture the greenery of London, something they just don’t get enough at home. After wandering around a little, visiting the Secret Garden, we headed to one of the park’s playgrounds for some fab playtime!

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Family Photography on Hampstead Heath, North London

Hampstead Heath in North London is one of my most favorite places to photograph families. I often joke I ought to move closer, as I end up travelling up there a lot for family photoshoots, especially in the summer months. It has a perfect mix of wide open spaces, big blue skies, plenty of shaded areas to escape to during the hot summer days, and not forgetting the glorious views over London from Parliament Hill – always a hit with my expat clients living in the area.

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16 for 2016

It’s been an impossible task of choosing just 16 of my favourite photographs from family sessions to showcase. I photographed so many beautiful families – inside and out, grew as a photographer and a parent (having an inside view on how other parents deal with all the shit that happens when you have kids is a masterclass in parenting like no other) and a person.

I could have easily made this list twice as long, as there were so many beautiful moments, but here it goes. My 16 for 2016 – with brief explanations of why I chose these, and the story to give you a little more context.

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