We met on a typically grey and windy London morning bang in the middle between two Spring heatwaves. London sky was trying to drizzle but after my furious glance at it decided to hold off until the next day (in case you wondered, there’s always that chance with London, there’s no predicting what the skies will do and we will shoot in any weather, especially if you only have a few days in the city).

This family was shortly relocating to Singapore and booked a photoshoot with me after googling “a London inspired family photoshoot“, finding my website – and falling in love with my style. That was exactly what they wanted, relaxed natural images of the whole family enjoying their time together with a gorgeous backdrop of London landmarks to complete the picture.

We started as early as it was feasible, around 8.30am, to miss at least some of the crowds that descend on South Bank on a weekend. The area around London Eye was delightfully empty when we started, but as we’d made our way along river Thames towards Tower Bridge (and stopped to warm up at a coffee shop on the way) – a lovely walk that takes a couple of hours including all the stops for pictures and snacks for the kids – it was getting busier and busier. Still, I have a few tricks up my sleeve and secret locations to take my clients too, so the photographs feel like they were the only people in town.

I’ve delivered the images to the family a few days ago and they were absolutely delighted, and getting a few of them printed large (really, really large – especially the Tower Bridge ones) to hang on the walls of their new home in Singapore, to remind them of their London days and inspire their children to visit London when they grow up – what a great idea!

Here are just a few of the many photos from our morning together – hope you enjoy looking!

P.S. If you’re wondering why there are no Big Ben photos in this photoshoot… Sadly our famous clock is undergoing restoration and is almost completely covered by scaffolding right now, which although does make a unique picture and a stamp in time, doesn’t look particularly pretty! The work is scheduled to finish in 2021, but it’s likely that at least some of the top scaffolding will start coming down before that. So… No Big Ben pictures for now, but there are still a LOT of amazing places I can take you, don’t you worry! :)