Easy kids crafts activity - hand made Valentine's gift

Well, I shall pre-phrase this by saying that I’m the least crafty person you will ever meet. I rarely have any desire whatsoever to create something from materials at hand, and when I do, it can be neatly described as massive Pinterest fail. I guess I simply lack the patience for it. My 4-year old’s attitude to crafts is very similar to mine – no patience, little interest.

However. Sometimes you’re stuck inside on a rainy day, have played Lego for hours on end, and even your little one is sick of watching TV, and there’s something new you’re itching to do. And I’ve had a few bits and bobs leftover from a Valentine’s inspired photoshoot I did a few days ago (coming to the blog soon), so I created something cute and easy and it only took me about 30 minutes. And it was easy for Alex to do it as well – so he created Valentine’s present for one of his girlfriends (! :)).

Here’s what you’ll need:

Pre-cut cardboard hearts (got mine at Baker Ross)

Assorted buttons (available anywhere really, mine were from Hobbycraft, but Baker Ross has them too.

Glue (I used Mucky glue from Hobbycraft – it dries clear; Alex used glitter glue sticks from Hobbycraft which is super easy for little hands) and glue spreaders

Optional: Pretty ribbon

Optional: Paint and brushes to paint the surface of the heart

The rest is pretty self-explanatory, really :)

Easy kids crafts activity - hand made Valentine's giftEasy kids crafts activity - hand made Valentine's gift