Hello! I’m Antonina Mamzenko, an award-winning London photographer on a mission to photograph and interview as many 5-17 year olds as I can and to really shine the light on the thoughts and the passions of the young people of the UK.

In these uncertain times, it’s ever so important turn to the children and really listen to what they have to say, and what kind of world they want to live in.

I’d love for you to be part of it.


Right now I’m looking to photograph children aged 5-17 living in London and the home counties. I’m hoping to expand the scope of this project in the future, so even if you live further afield, please still apply either by emailing me on, or filling in the form below.


Once you get in touch, we’ll set up a date for your photoshoot and I’ll meet you either at your home or another convenient location. Parents will need to consent to the photographs being taken ahead of time, and are welcome to be present for the duration of the photoshoot.

I will hang out with you for about an hour or so, and we will chat about what you are passionate about  – whether it’s climate change, UK’s membership in the EU, animal rights, politics, etc. I will then take a series of relaxed portraits of you to go along with some of your words. That’s it! 

** If you are planning on attending the Climate Strike in London on 29th November 2019, please get in touch. I would love to interview and photograph you there **

“I am thankful that this project has given my daughter another opportunity to feel her opinions are important and her voice is validated” – Hannah, a TYTV parent


“I’d like to vote for someone who supports equality and peace”.

Atticus, aged 8.

“I’ve had people tell me to go hug a tree. Some really horrible people sent me pictures of ham. And you know what I say to them? “Go hug a tree yourself, because when your grandkids don’t know what a polar bear looks like, you can blame yourself because you did nothing to help”.

Scarlett, aged 12


one of the top uk family photographers antonina mamzenko

I’m Antonina, a London photographer who takes a photojournalistic approach. 

I’ve been working as a professional photographer since 2009 and during that time my work has been featured in The British Journal of Photography, Pro Photo Magazine, The Huffington Post and Vogue Italia, among other places, and nominated for the Portrait of Britain Award 2019. 



Ranked in the Top 10 Family Photographers in the World by The Family Photojournalist Association.