No props, no posing and zero cheese. My gift is in seeing beauty in the everyday, and capturing glimpses of family life – from the mundane, to the funny, to the happy, to the tender, to the tired and annoyed and everything in between.

These are the photographs you will treasure when the kids move out, and these are the photographs they will look at with their children in turn.

Most parents I photograph tell me 4 things before our photoshoot:

  • their everyday life is boring
  • their house is a mess
  • they don’t like posing for pictures
  • and it sounds so weird having someone with a camera follow you all day.

And here’s what I have to say to that:

  • the everyday is beautiful
  • the mess is how the best childhood memories are made
  • with me you don’t have to pose at all, just get on with your day
  • I’m not a fly on the wall, I become part of your family for a day, and after about an hour of initial awkwardness you – and the kids – will forget I’m there to take pictures.

Antonina’s gorgeous photos radiate joy and naturalness and capture many little moments that we didn’t even notice at the time. On top of that she was flexible, kind and attentive all the way through – from the very first day we contacted her. We were very lucky to find her! – Mireia, Oxford