Last year I was approached to speak at Phlock Live, the newest and the largest European conference for female photographers created by the sisters Laura and Sarah Wood and of course I said “yes!” instantly! A whole host of internationally published and critically acclaimed women from all over the world will be speaking alongside me to bring you the best development and growth opportunity for your photography and your business.

The event is happening in Manchester at the Midland Hotel from 20-22 March 2020 and the tickets are selling fast, so if you’re interested in attending, either for the whole 3 days or just for a couple of classes, go and book your tickets over at Phlock website. Until February 24th you can also use ANTONINA15 at checkout for 15% off any ticket type. There are a limited number of tickets and once they’re gone, they’re gone so make sure you secure yours.

This kind of event is something that was really badly needed in the UK photography industry and I’m so glad Laura (an accomplished wedding and portrait photographer and trainer herself) and Sarah has taken on this mammoth task of bringing everyone together for this amazing three-day immersive event for women in photography. Not only that, but they’ve created an amazingly supportive community of female photographers and whether you’re coming to the event or not, you can join it over on Facebook in the Phlock community group.

While there are many online courses these days, and you can learn everything under the sun without leaving your home, nothing really beats immersing yourself in education and inspiration for several days at a time. How many online courses do you have sitting there, waiting for you to watch the videos of work through the materials? I know I have a whole bunch but there’s always something else that needs to be urgently done so education and professional growth often take a back seat.

With an in-person conference like this there are no distractions, no “I’ll do it laters”, no excuses. You can soak up all the knowledge and information, make new friends or deepen existing connections and really feel part of the community. And that so important as this photography gig can be quite lonely at times.

You never quite know when that one thing that someone says will lit a spark in you and set you on the right track. I’ve certainly experienced that in the past when just one unexpected nugget of wisdom at the workshop just suddenly made everything click for me.

And for the mamas out there, what a brilliant excuse to treat yourself and go and do some professional and personal growth and to have a break from the parenting responsibilities, while totally writing it off on business expenses?!

Fearless Pricing and Selling for Family Photographers

My class at Phlock focuses on pricing and selling specifically for family photographers, something that I’m really passionate about.

Many family photographers I speak to or mentor struggle with this aspect of the business. As a result, they fail to attract the right clients and end up stretched too thin and working for less than minimum wage while taking time away from their families. All too often, they eventually burn out and quit altogether, or have to find a day job to support their passion for photography. And that’s a disservice not only to themselves but also to their clients and the world as a whole as each photographer brings a unique point of view and their art deserves to be seen and supported by more than a minimum living wage.

In my class, I’ll explain to you how to approach pricing so you don’t feel like you’re plucking numbers out of thin air (spoiler alert: it involves simple math but it really empowers you as you then know exactly what you need to earn and why), how to structure your price list, and how to approach sales so that you serve your clients best and don’t just send them a link to download the photos and run away (spoiler alert: in-person sales not required).

You will also get a PDF workbook so when you’re back home you can sit down and run your numbers again, and figure out a sustainable pricing structure that will serve you and your clients in the best possible way.

Phlock to the Streets

Another wonderful perk for the multi-day ticket holders is Phlock to the Streets, a group street photowalk with the instructors, where we get to go out on the streets of Manchester, photograph the city – or each other if we fancy – and generally have a wonderful time together. I’m leading a photowalk with the insanely talented Diana Hagues and Emma Collins on Friday 20th March and it’s filling up quickly!

The Business Panel

Even if you can’t attend my Sunday class, you can catch me at the closing panel on Friday night with the business experts Julie Christie and Maddie Shine where we will be talking all things pricing, selling, marketing, SEO and more!

Spotlight Exhibition

In addition to the amazing classes, keynotes from award-winning photographers Natalie Lennard (creator of Birth Undisturbed) and Danielle Da Silva, a Nat Geo photographer, shoot-along, street photowalks, closing panels and more, Phlock is also hosting a Spotlight exhibition showcasing work of the amazing women from the photographic community, and I’m thrilled to have three of my images exhibited there which is totally an unexpected perk.

This image from a climate protest in London at the end of 2019 was selected as part of “Best of 2019” showcase, and the other who are finalists in the “Documentary Family Photography” and “Social Documentary” categories respectively.

To learn more about Phlock live, visit their website, follow them on Instagram, and join their Facebook community. Will I see you there?