When my son was born, I remember sitting in my room and sobbing my heart out. When my baffled (and obviously non-hormonal) husband asked what was the matter I told him I didn’t want our son to grow up, I just wanted him to stay this tiny newborn baby we brought home a few days ago.

And then I burst into more tears as he cuddled me close, still completely bewildered.

As I’m writing this now, my not-so-little-child is busy chatting with his friend over Skype and playing Minecraft. He’s 7. He’s growing so fast, and on the days he drives me mad with endless questions and having his own opinion about every.little.thing, I remember those first days and decide to just soak it all up.

All the little things that he used to be, and used to do, are already fading away from my memory. What will I remember 30 years down the line? What will he remember about his childhood, and about his parents?

I know he won’t remember how his head used to fit oh so perfectly into the palm of my hand. He won’t remember his first birthday or his second birthday, or the first seaside holiday, or that time we spent the summer with his grandparents. Of course, like most parents, I have taken photographs of these milestones – or hired a professional family photographer so I could be in the pictures too.

But what about those less obvious moments, the everyday moments, the little things, that pass us by in a blink of an eye? The way they held your hand, the messy meals, the endless Row-Rows? The things you couldn’t wait to pass, but when they finally did you wish you could go back to – or remember with a laugh.

That first poo-namy?! Disgusting back then, hilarious now! When they woke you up at 5am to read them their favourite book? Exhausting back then – a fond memory now.

Because who cares about perfection? It does not exist.

Real is the new perfect. In fact, it’s better than perfect. So go document it.

To help you embrace the imperfection and capture your family’s everyday life, I created a FREE 4 week photography course. Find all about it here – or just pop your name and email below and sign up!

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