Picture (im)Perfect at FMoPA and more…

by | Apr 25, 2021 | For Photographers

Confession time: I kind of miss the quietness of the first lockdown, where the world stopped and there was the time and the space to think, be creative, and create new things. But I also enjoy being busy (just not all the time!) and shooting and teaching and talking to people, so there has been a lot of that happening.

Here’s what I’ve been up to in the last few months.

Mentoring: Made for Documentary

Back in 2020, together with a group of three other talented British photographers, I have created a new education and community hub for documentary family photographers. That is something that kept me busy throughout the second and the third lockdown as we’ve been putting together a new website, growing our Facebook community, writing new content and so on.

I’ve been busy mentoring a group of fantastic documentary family photographers though the long-term group programme Turning Chaos into Art at Made for Documentary. We are just coming towards the end of the first run of the programme and gearing up for the second run, so if that’s something you’re interested in, make sure you head over to Made for Documentary and sign up for our mailing list to be the first to hear when it opens.

There’s also been a lot of planning happening behind the scenes of all the wonderful things we have in store for Made for Documentary as a whole and I’m really excited about that too!

Speaking: The Photography Show and Phlock 2021

In March, together with Made for Documentary team, I’ve presented at the Pro Conference at The Photography Show, the largest photography conference in the UK. Flying the flag for documentary family photography, we talked about the documentary approach and how to artfully capture real family life.

And in May we’ll be delivering a panel at Phlock 2021online conference too, discussing the documentary approach, why it’s great for your growth as a photographer and why it’s growing in popularity among families, how to get started, and more!

Picture (im)Perfect at FMoPA

And last, but not least, my work has been included in the first ever museum exhibit of documentary family photography. The images are on display at Florida Museum of Photographic Arts until the end of May and features incredible talent from across the world – I could not be more thrilled to be among them. There’s also an accompanying book which you can order here.

Publication: Digital Photographer Magazine

And last, but not least, the spring issue of Digital Photographer Magazine included a ten-page feature on documentary family photography which Made for Documentary team has put together for them. We covered things like shooting advice, working with families, and more. You can still order a copy via Magazines Direct (issue 283).