I’m finally catching up with the backlog of all the personal photographs that I took in 2010.

These images here are from a meet-up and a shootswap I had with the wonderful photographers Annelie Eddy, Lisa Brown and Kirsten Mavric in Camden’s Proud Gallery in the beginning of December 2010.

I wasn’t the usual shootswap format I’m used to, where 2 photographers meet and photograph each other (and normally it’s two separate photography sessions, one after another). Here, the 4 of us met up, chatted, swapped lenses, took turns and experimented with the light, rather that trying to create perfect headshots of each other.

I also got to try out tilt-and-shift lens for the very first time. It’s was fun, but I’m not convinced I have the patience for it!

Since it’s the personal post and not exactly the style of pictures I normally produce, I though I’d also share what I used for post-production on these.

I always use Adobe Lightroom to do some basic tweaks like white balance and curves, and then bring all my pictures into Adobe Photoshop. I use Totally Rad Actions for all my post-processing, and they are… well, rad! I’m really not a Photoshop wizard, so having those actions really simplified and sped up the process for me, and I just use layer opacity to control the strength of the action.

Usually my post-processing is rather straightforward. I use 2 or 3 favourite actions to add “the punch” to the images, and depending on the picture will also work on “prettying up” the skin and bringing out the eyes. This keeps all my photographs fairly consistent in style, so my clients know what to expect. Here, I was free to experiment with endless capabilities of Totally Rad packs I have… but as you will see still stuck to a rather limited list of them :)

The next photo was shot through the fairy lights and some metal bars. Really, you need a 1.2 lens to completely get rid of the bars in the foreground (I was shooting with a 50mm 1.4).

And to finish off here are some fun “behind the scenes” photos :)

CamdenShootswap-02 CamdenShootswap-10 CamdenShootswap-09 CamdenShootswap-08 CamdenShootswap-07 CamdenShootswap-06 CamdenShootswap-05 CamdenShootswap-04 CamdenShootswap-03 tiger wall painting graffiti