Mandy and I have known each other since 2009 when I first came in for a style consultation with her – back then she was working as a personal stylist for Colour Me Beautiful. I was about to leave my job and start my own photography business and wanted some professional image advice to help me move away from wearing all back (and never having anything to wear) to styles and colours that suited me. It’s been nearly 10 years although her make up lessons were wasted on me, I’m still using the colour palette of teal, plum, navy and grey that I know suits me better than the black!

A few years back Mandy made a move from being a stylist to something that suited her passions more – an executive coach, and is currently writing a book and producing a great podcast, as well as working with a wide range of high-flyers.

Once or twice a year she commissions me to come in to her home in Wimbledon and produce a range of personal branding and lifestyle imagery to use across her website and social media channels. We always have so much fun, and I think the images reflect that.  As we were wrapping up our latest photoshoot, I’ve asked her to say a few words about her experience with me on camera – and here it is, along with some of my favourite images from our personal branding photoshoots in South West London.

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