pregnant couple at home with dad-to-be playing guitar

For this week’s One Frame feature I chose this image from a pregnancy photoshoot in Wimbledon. Debbie and Andy were expecting their first child (and at the time, they didn’t know the sex of the baby, let alone their name) and I joined them in their Raynes Park home to capture the excitement of the final few weeks – and some dread, too!

I truly believe the main purpose of a first pregnancy photo shoot should not be showing off your bump in a pretty setting – that’s nice too of course, and that’s something that I’m more than happy to do as part of your documentary pregnancy photography session – but that’s not all! Maternity pictures, particularly if that’s your first child, should be all about celebrating you as a couple, and documenting your life pre-baby – because once you become parents, your life will change forever.

Prior to their photoshoot we talked at length about things they love during as a couple. Turned out one of the things they loved doing together is playing music: Andy would often play the guitar for her (and he has an amazing, deep singing voice too), and Debbie would either just relax and listen or go about some daily chores.

I knew Andy was quite shy about having his pictures taken, so that was a perfect way to get him to relax – doing something he really loved doing. The longer he played, the more content he became, and it allowed me to capture some beautiful images of them together – and this one, shot from above, is one of my absolute favorites.