bother and sister playing football in a private gardens in chelsea, london

This photoshoot was very special – the family was visiting over from Washington, DC, and wanted to capture some special photographs of the kids having brilliant time here in London. Because they visit London frequently, they didn’t really want to have typical landmarks in the background, and instead opted for some relaxed family portraits in the private gardens of the Cadogan Gardens Hotel where they were staying.

We’ve taken many photographs in the park, with the kids playing with their parents and the grandparents who were also visiting from overseas, but this sequence of the brother and sister playing with a football is my particular favourite.

It was the height of the World Cup and everyone was slightly obsessed, having watched the game the night before. We did not need to mention football more than once for the kids to get all excited and start chasing each other to get the ball!

And that’s honestly how my favourite photographs happen – authentic, unscripted moments of children at play.

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