I haven’t blogged since my baby boy turned one last month – I hang my head in shame. There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes though, so hold tight :)

Today I thought I’d do a round up of sorts on the best baby purchases of year one. Hope this would be useful for the expectant mummies out there!

Stokke Xplory Pushchair

I’m easily swayed by beautiful design, and would often buy things just because they look good. However, Stokke doesn’t only look good, it is a truly great pushchair, and Alex absolutely loves being so high up and being able to see everything. I don’t even need a high chair for him if we are having a coffee in a park! Plus, I have a rather fragile back, so a usual buggy would not have worked for me. Pricey piece of baby transport it is, but I snapped up an older model on eBay, saving myself quite a small fortune.

Ikea’s ANTILOP Highchair

Being a huge fan of Stokke, I originally wanted to buy a Tripp Trapp high chair. However, after a long chat on Twitter with other experienced mummies, I was recommended a £15 Ikea’s Antilop (as opposed to over £100 for a Tripp Trapp), and I am so happy we went with it. Alex is very comfortable in it, there’s a huge tray he can use to smudge food all over, and we still eat together at the dining table.


This is the best baby feeding bowl, ever. Full stop. And I think I tried them all. Alex figured out how to work the standard suction cups very quickly, and food was ending up everywhere but his mouth (because let’s face it, banging a bowl about is just so much more fun than practising your pincer grasp, right?). The Unbelievabowl has a clever suction system that baby can’t undo. So after trying to get the bowl off the table and quickly realising the bowl is not going to move, Alex concentrated on his food instead. And ever since the mealtimes are much more peaceful and productive.

Mothercare’s Aqua Pod

This thing has saved my back. Bathtime was becoming an unwelcome chore, and I did not enjoy it – and neither did Alex. But after about 6 months, when we was very nearly sitting up independently, we got him an Aqua Pod, and what a relief that was! Bath time was fun for both of us, and it lasted him until recently (when he suddenly decided he will not sit in the bath at all).

Books, lots of books

We haveatoys overload in our house, but even at the age of one, Alex’s favourite toys are books. I made sure we have most of them in Russian too (my native language), and my son loves looking at the pages and me reading to him. None of the other singing and dancing toys have quite the same calming effect on him either!