Okay, okay, I’ve been raving about Mandy for a very very long time now. Maybe I should explain exactly why.

It all started on a dull October evening last year, when I was feeling pretty miserable, not in love with myself at all, wanting to change something in my life but being not quite sure what. By then I was toying an idea of hiring an image consultant for quite some time, but funnily enough didn’t have the confidence to do even that. Still, I googled for “image consultant in London” and stared at thousands and thousands of search results. I opened one website after another, not being inspired, reading about all those people who claimed they would help me to find my true image, but – honestly – I wasn’t convinced. I mean seriously, if I was going to open myself up to those people, and let them learn about all my insecurities and life-changing plans ( I was about to quit my day job and start my photography business), I needed to be able to trust them and click with them from the word go. And most of them didn’t even have pictures of themselves on their websites! An image consultant without a photograph of themselves? You gotta be kidding me!

So I’ve almost given up. And then I found Mandy’s website. And she didn’t only have pictures – she had videos. Seeing her talk and interact with her clients I realised she’s exactly the kind of person I need – she knew what she was doing, but wasn’t pushy. She understood my problems and knew how to fix them, but she wasn’t going to change who I am as a person. She was determined to help women like me without judging them. She looked great and confident but at the same time really approachable.

So I shot her an email. Same evening – at 11 o’clock at night! – she replied. She was so enthusiastic, and so open, I knew she was the right person to help me and booked her on the spot – and boy I was right! Mandy helped me a great deal – I no longer buy stuff that I never wear, I know what colours suit me, I am confident in my style choices and I am comfortable with who I am and how I dress – and I don’t really care what others might think. She somehow managed to dig deep and find the real me – something I myself couldn’t do. It’s pure magic, people!

So how come I’m writing this long-long rave about Mandy? Well, because this time she booked me and in just a moment I’m going to show you some pictures of her!

Being not only a great image consultant but a smart business person Mandy realises that every now and again she needs new imagery on her website – photographs that make her stand out from the crowd and photographs that – better than any words – will tell her potential clients what kind of person she is and if she’s the right fit for them.

So we started off with some “stock” imagery that Mandy could use on her website – showing bits of her Wimbledon studio and glimpses into how she works with a client:

mandy-lehto-headshots-05 mandy-lehto-headshots-06 mandy-lehto-headshots-07 mandy-lehto-headshots-08 mandy-lehto-headshots-09

 And then we headed off to the City of London – Mandy’s former playground (she enjoyed a successful banking career before deciding to launch her own image consulting and coaching business).

mandy-lehto-headshots-01 mandy-lehto-headshots-02 mandy-lehto-headshots-03 mandy-lehto-headshots-04

And as we wrapped up the shoot and were heading off to the station, Mandy spotted this backstreet. And I swear I walked right past that street a dozen times before and never seen it. Can you believe this? What a find!!


And now if you managed to read right to the end of this post, I recommend you go to Mandy’s image consulting website right now, have a look around and book her there and then!