I gotta share this with you! I bought this lovely little handmade coin purse for my mom. She’s a crazy dachshund woman. All our dogs have always been dachshunds (she got the first one not even knowing what breed that was, and it was downhill from there). She has an enormous collection of glass dachshund figures, toys and even jewellery. All given to her by me, my dad and her friends. It’s started slowly, and we’d buy little dachshunds every time we found one, but now there’s no question what to give mom for birthday or New Year: something to do with dachshunds (yes, I do realise that by this point I have really optimised this post for the word “dachshund”, so welcome all dachshund lovers if you found it!).

So, I stumbled upon this cute little shop on Etsy – Field of Roses – with tons of cute little purses of all sizes and patterns. They make a perfect little present, so head over there if you’re stuck for a present for a friend, mom, or maybe even your little daughter (I think it’s a perfect little girl’s thingy)!


And here’s the puppy. Yep, he flies like that when you throw a ball. Or anything, in fact!


And yes, he’s really funny!