People often ask me what’s my secret. How do I create my photographs? How do I come up with ideas? How do I get the children to cooperate?

Well the thing is… very often I don’t.

Often my most favourite photographs – the ones I proudly put in my portfolio, print on business cards and submit as part of features to different websites – happened by accident. Usually I’d have something in mind, but then my little (or big!) models will do something completely different to what I asked them to do, and THAT gets the picture.

So I decided to create a series of blog posts talking about how a particular favourite of mine came about.

Let’s start with this bright autumnal picture from a children’s portrait session in Richmond Park.

children lying on the grass in richmond park

I love this picture. And I love the asymmetry of it. I love how it reflects the personality of the kids – loud, outgoing 3, and a shy little one. It just works on many levels for me.

But I’m not that clever. The thing is, it just… happened.

I was in Richmond Park, photographing the 3 siblings and their cousin. I had the vision of all of them lying on the grass, looking at me, laughing or being silly. Problem was, my youngest model (one in the pink wellies) refused to join in. I snapped away, just including her wellies, hoping eventually she’ll join us.

A ruined shot? I don’t think so!

Eventually I did convince her to join her cousins (by lying down myself first!) but the resulting picture just does not have as much impact.