Back in September I spent 5 days in New York, part work (photographing my long-term clients after they’d moved back there from London) and part play. It was nice to get away and have time to explore the city by myself, without a little person in tow. It’s been a while since I could just walk the streets and absorb the sights and sounds of an unfamiliar world – something I haven’t really felt since I first came to live in London back in 2005.

I’ll be honest: I didn’t fall in love with New York at first sight like I did with London. New York is loud, messy, crazy, busy, complicated, and a little scary too! But as I spent my time exploring and walking the streets of Manhattan, I slowly got it, and slowly fell in love. After only a few days I now know I want to come back again and this time with my family, and explore it some more.

Here are the glimpses of New York, captured on my smartphone.

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Bethesda Fountain Reflection, Central Park

Wall Street

Wall Street

9/11 Memorial

Staten Island Ferry

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village

Brooklyn Bridge Park


View of Manhattan from Roosevelt Island

The Met / Grand Central 

Wall Street / Staten Island Ferry

Brooklyn Bridge