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This expecting mama got in touch with me as she wanted to document the transition from one child to two with beautiful storytelling photographs and an album. She could already see her life changing, and that’s what attracted her to my honest, documentary storytelling.

After chatting on the phone ahead of her pregnancy photoshoot to decide on the game plan for the day, I’ve asked her about their morning routine and how it’s going to change for them once baby number two comes along, and that’s what we decided to document.

I arrived at their North London home bright and early just as their daughter was waking up. I then followed the family around the house for a couple of hours, from books and make up in bed, to unloading the dishwasher and feeding the cats, to finally sitting down for breakfast and some play before it was time for little G (who kept calling me “lady” and it was honestly the sweetest thing) to wave goodbye and head out to nursery.

It’s actually amazing how much we’ve managed to fit in in just one morning, without any major changes to the family’s routine – a perfect snapshot of their life as a family of three, still. I’m so thankful these guys have allowed themselves to be so honest and relaxed in front of my camera (it takes a certain kind of bravery and confidence to still be in your PJs when the photographer arrives!), and invite me to document their morning just as it was.

Here are some of my favourite photographs from their pregnancy photoshoot at home – look out for a follow up newborn photoshoot on the blog soon!

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