I have a confession to make – British winter takes it’s toll on me. It’s long and it’s grey, and it’s wet and it’s boring, and if it wasn’t for the lovely families I get to photograph in their homes and capture their love for each other, I wouldn’t pick my camera all winter. Sad, I know. I’m seriously considering spending the winter somewhere else – sun or snow it doesn’t matter, so long as it’s not grey and wet!

But last week the Spring has finally sprung and I feel energised once again. There are colours everywhere, and the golden glow of the sun makes everything look better – even the old concrete public tennis court in our local park!

I wasn’t planning on taking the pictures that day, but had my gear in the car after the photoshoot, and the light was just too yummy and beautiful not to photograph it.

My son has become a reluctant subject now that he’s seven. For him, me having the camera in my hands means I’m doing something other than directly engaging with him, so I have to be patient and catch those in-between moments that are so precious.