your burning questions about family photography – answered

How long have you been photographing families?

I’ve been a professional people photographer since 2009, and a mother since 2011! I’ve photographed hundreds of children and have experience and patience required to capture your family at your best.

Do you have a CRB check?

I don’t (you can’t get one yourself as an individual). However I’m almost never left with children alone without an adult present, and if I am it’s because the family have known me for years and trust me. If you need any official references for your peace of mind, please let me know.

Do you have insurance?

Yes I’m fully insured. You’ve nothing to worry about.

Where are you based?

I live near Hampton Court in Surrey, in a little town called Molesey. But I work on location and at client’s homes and travel for photoshoots all over London – and beyond.

We are travelling to London from overseas, can we book you?

Absolutely. If you are looking for a vacation family photographer, I’m your girl! I have photographed families from over the globe, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, USA, Russia and many other countries who are either visiting or even coming to have their baby here. So yes of course you can book me, I’d be delighted to show you my city.

What areas do you cover?

I work all across Surrey and London, and often travel further afield for photoshoots, including Europe and North America (additional travel fees apply). If you’re not sure whether I’ll come to you, please just drop me a line.

What should we wear for our photoshoot?

What you usually wear on a good day! I will send you a lot of tips on what to wear before your photoshoot, but here’s the answer in the nutshell. Above all, I want you to be comfortable and capture your real character, so if like me you live in jeans, jeans it is! If you love colour and have a unique dress sense – that’s awesome too! Oh, and if your kid wants to wear pyjamas / Spiderman costume / a pink tutu combined with wellies on the day of our shoot, that’s fine too. It’s this unique stage in their lives and has to be captured. You might roll your eyes now but trust me 5 years later this is what you will look back on and smile!

Can the grandparents be part of the photoshoot?

Yes, absolutely! I believe it’s so important to capture the special moments and create memories with the grandparents – and great-grandparents – so yes absolutely! Just let me know ahead of the time and explain the whole idea of a documentary session to them (meaning: please don’t ask the kids to smile and just go about your day as you normally would).


We have pets that we’d like to include in our photoshoot…

Perfect! I love pets (maybe not pet alligators) and yes of course you can include them in any of my sessions. I’m not allergic, and know how to handle most of them (I used to have a dog and a cat myself; my dog was a sausage dog called Yorick).

My partner is really shy and doesn’t like posing for pictures. Do you have any tips?

I know the feeling because I’m very camera-aware and very camera-shy myself but I’ve been on the other side of the lens too and can report it’s not bad at all. In fact, my style of family photography is unlike any other kind of photography you might have come across. You don’t actually have to pose and although there’s that original awkwardness when I first arrive, it soon disappears as you get on with your day and get chatting to me. I promise you even the most camera-shy person soon forgets there’s a photographer there. I’ve had clients apologising to me for not offering drinks throughout the day because they simply forgot I’m even there at times. So truly, you have nothing to worry about. You can see me working on a photoshoot and talking about my approach here.

Do you photograph LGBTQ or same sex families?

Of course I do! Family is family, and I’ve photographed both weddings and families of same sex couples.

Will my photographs be in colour or black and white?

It really depends. After your session I will go through the images and, as an artist, decide what editing suits each picture. Sometimes it’s black and white to remove the distractions of colour and bring out the emotion. Sometimes it’s just too dark and the colour doesn’t really work. Sometimes it’s just has to be colour because it’s just so pretty. There are really no rules as each session is unique.

Can our nanny join us during the photoshoot?

Someone to look after bags and pushchairs when we are out and about is always helpful, however please brief your nanny to not interfere with the process, and not ask the children to smile for the camera. If you’d like a picture of your children with their nanny, we can always take a few at the end of the short 2 hour session, or if you’ve booked a Day in the Life photoshoot, at some point during the day.

Do you photograph families with adult children?

You bet I do! Families come in all shapes and sizes and I love photographing them all.

Can we get a posed portrait as part of our documentary photoshoot?

Absolutely! I understand how important it is to have a more directed portrait that includes the whole family together (and, preferably, smiling!). We will take about 15 minutes during your session to do just that, and I will gently direct you (and generally make a fool of myself to get the laughs) to create just that.