Capture everyday moments between the milestones

No awkward posing required, a family photoshoot is a chance for you to spend time being together and being yourselves.  It’s fun, relaxed and natural and I will capture the everyday details that make your family unique.  

This is one of the most precious gifts you can give to your children; authentic memories of a typical day in their childhood. These beautiful images will become a treasured reminder of the simple moments between birthdays and holidays that tell the true story of your family.

Antonina managed to capture our very ordinary Saturday afternoon in such a beautiful way. Looking at the pictures really warms my heart.


Caroline, Adventure Family Photoshoot

Antonina Mamzenko: Newborn Baby Photographer in London


Just the way you are

My photoshoots are not about looking like the perfect family (there’s no such thing!) They are about looking your best, and you’ll look your best when you’re surrounded by people you love, playing, laughing, snuggling and just being a family. 

Come as you are and the pictures will be beautiful, I promise.


Come out from behind the camera

If you are the one always taking the pictures, you can end up absent from your own family albums.  Step out from behind the scenes and into the pictures where you belong.

My clients tell me that one of the amazing things about having pictures taken with their children is seeing how much their children love them. To be reminded of that in a single frame is priceless.


Whatever makes your heart sing

Choose from one of three family photoshoots: A Day in the Life, A Year in the Life, or the popular Adventure Session.

Your shoot can take place at home where we can capture sleepyheads at breakfast, play time with a favourite toy or a quiet moment reading together.  For older children you may want to head out and about for some puddle-jumping, hill-rolling or ice-cream licking (always a favourite).

Do whatever comes naturally and what you normally enjoy doing together.



“We’ve had family photoshoots in varied countries, none was like the ones we had with Antonina, she truly captures moments in the most beautiful way.


Norah, Family Photoshoot


A handmade museum-quality album or framed prints for the wall are beautiful keepsakes to hand down to your children. I will help you choose your images and meticulously art direct the production of your pictures to tell your story in the most beautiful and authentic way. You can also choose a digital archive for the freedom to share and print over and over.

Family photography sessions start from £295 and most clients invest between £800 and £4000 in a range of heirloom albums, framed fine art prints or digital images. Contact me for more information and to book your own family photoshoot. 

Antonina Mamzenko: Newborn Baby Photographer in London


Take your family for a real adventure in London.  It’s a glorious location for a family photoshoot with its iconic landmarks, historic architecture, quirky backstreets and green parklands. I know the city well and how to find great places to shoot.

I will spend the whole day with you, photographing as you explore.  Find out more below.

Antonina was gentle, patient and connected well with all of us, including my kids. The photos were exactly what we were looking for: natural, candid and had so much emotion.


Ting, A Day in the Life Family Photoshoot