The family legend goes that on my first seaside holiday as a child, for the first 7 days⁠ I screamed the beach down when I was carried INTO the water, and the last 7 days I screamed the beach down when I was carried OUT of the water.⁠⠀
Since then, water have always been my favourite place to be. The sense of weightlessness, the quiet of the underwater… For me, it’s meditative and the only way I can quiet my mind.⁠⠀
So to get to photograph in the water is a dream and something I’ve wanted to do for a long long time. Today, I wanted to share just a handful of black and white portraits of Freya that I took recently in Cobham, Surrey.

Freya is a keen swimmer and as you can see from these photographs feels very comfortable in water. There’s this serene and a little moody quality to the images that is just not possible to get “on land” and I’m really pleased with these (and many other!) portraits I took of her.

Underwater portraits are certainly unique and are a great way to celebrate a child who is a keen swimmer or a diver.

I am now available for underwater portrait commissions throughout London, Surrey and the UK – please get in touch if that’s something you think your family would enjoy. We can even incorporate some water play into a usual family photoshoot – just ask!