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“What is the antidote to the terribleness of the world? It’s beauty hunting. The key to survival”.

Jen Pastiloff

Like many others, I have spent the first months of the pandemic in a state of panic and deep anxiety, unable to concentrate on anything or create new work.

Unable to deal with the enormity of the global pandemic and what it meant for my own future and the future of my family I instead focused on my little corner of the world.

And that is where I found peace.

With no original purpose for the images, the very act of going out and photographing what I could see slowly became my meditation practice, a way to anchor and ground me in the world spinning out of control.

My first images where dark and unclear just as my thoughts were. Without realising it I was capturing the sense of displacement, and isolation, my racing thoughts, my inability to concentrate.

As the months went by, my anxiety was replaced by calm acceptance. Instead of capturing mud under my feet, I was looking up to the sky. There was a sense of stillness and peace about them now, and even though the loneliness persisted I had stopped fighting it.


‘Beauty Hunting’ is a collection of photographs, all taken within the 10 mile radius from my home between February 2020 and February 2021. 

Limited edition fine art prints are available.