For this blog post I’ve teamed up with the wonderful Storm Copestake of Bright Minds Kids Life Coaching in Cobham to bring you some useful tips you can use in your parenting. I’ve asked Storm to share some tips on building confidence and positive mindset in your children, and here’s what she had to say – over to Storm!

Your child’s mindset is essentially their attitude towards everyday tasks and activities. The power of positive thinking has been proven in several scientific studies. Not only does it result in more confidence and a happier less stressed child, it will also result in better attitude to learning and an enthusiasm towards new and difficult tasks. Here are my top tips to guide your child towards a positive mindset.

Positive vs Negative Thoughts

 Teach your child the difference between a positive thought and a negative thought. When they can identify the difference, they will be equipped to actively change the negative thought into a positive one, and understand that they can change their behaviour by changing their thoughts.

close up image of young boy's mouth

Positive Thoughts Jar

Keep a gratitude journal, or positive thoughts jar. This is a lovely activity to do as a family. Write down one thing you are grateful for each day or week. It is wonderful to remember and think about the positive things in your life.

Positive Affirmations

Give your child a positive affirmation to focus on each week. Stick it somewhere visible in their room so that they can see it each morning and evening. Some examples are “Today will be a great day” or “I can do anything I put my mind to”.

The Power of YET

Adding this small 3 letter word to a sentence can change it’s entire meaning. When your child say “I can’t do this” you can help them to change it to “I can’t do this YET”. It will encourage them to keep trying.

Get Them Outdoors

The release of endorphins during regular exercise, especially outdoors, has a powerful effect on the mind, and is a wonderful stress reliever.

These tips will work for you as well as your child, so join them in a challenge to be more positive! And remember, it takes about 21 days to form a new habit, so make positive thinking a habit this month. The more you practice it, the greater the benefits you’ll realise.

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