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Carl Sagan

I know how lonely and overwhelming the photography business can be, with so many questions and things to do right from the off, and no one to ask for help.

I’ve been there. And I’ve come through on the other side. And now I know I want to help others who are just beginning their journey, and help them avoid the same mistakes I made.

My story

After taking the plunge in 2009 and leaving my career in marketing to set up my photography business I’ve photographed hundreds of families and worked with many amazing businesses.

I’ve tried things, I’ve learned countless new things, pulled my hair out, I’ve changed my mind (a few times) I’ve worked through becoming a mother and through a debilitating illness and I failed many times – but I also succeeded. 

So, what can I help with?

Website Critique

Is your website working for you or against you? With my background in digital marketing, I’m able to provide valuable feedback on how your business is represented online and really look at it from your client’s point of view. Please note it’s not an SEO review, although I will most likely mention some SEO pointers – but I won’t go “under the hood” of your website and get too technical.

Website critiques are £95 and are recorded and sent to you as a video file, so you can refer to them at your convenience.

“Antonina’s website review really helped me see it from my potential clients’ point of view. I acted on the main elements she outlined and have already seen results in terms of a number of inquiries. I used to be a web designer and I should know all those things but it’s always different when you work on your own business. We’ve been looking at it for too long!! I found it very (very) useful to have a mentor to challenge me, show me a different perspective and keep me accountable. The best thing I’ve done for my business so far!” – Johanna King

121 Mentoring

If you want to pick my brain about any subject: branding, pricing, website, SEO, marketing, social media, work/life balance, you name it – I’m here for you. All 121 sessions are held over Skype at a time convenient for both of us (usually when children are in bed!). 

You will also have 1 week of email support following your session, just in case some new questions sparked by our conversation pop up.

One 90 minute Skype mentoring session: £165

Two 90 minute Skype mentoring sessions:  £295

“I’m a family and wedding photographer based in the Cotswolds. The market is fairly saturated with photographers, so having a website that is easy to navigate and conveys your message clearly and quickly, is so important else you very likely will get lost in the sea of ‘photographers’ that are out there. Antonina’s website critique really helped me tremendously. She pointed out so many little ‘issues’ that I would never have noticed but in changing them, they have made the world of difference to the quality of my site and the ease of navigating my site. I found Antonina’s input very valuable and everything that she suggested I implemented and found it very relevant. I put so much time and effort into the creation of my website, but Antonina’s advice and a few of the ‘tricks’s that she shared were so helpful and I know that the changes I ended up making polished off my site and tied up all the loose ends. Thanks so much Antonina, I truly think a website critique is a very valuable service. ” – Tanli Lundgren

 Shadow Me

Some people simply learn best by following others and watching them work. I’m certainly one of those people.

Follow me on a real family photoshoot, and see how I interact with a family, what and why I choose to capture. Following the photoshoot, we’ll find a cozy cafe, download the images and will go through them, so I can talk you through my thought process in culling a real photoshoot.

Please note this is NOT a second shooting or a portfolio building opportunity. You’ll be able to take pictures during the photoshoot but I cannot guarantee you’ll be allowed to use them in your portfolio, it will depend on the family we are photographing. 

A half day 1-2-1 shadowing + mentoring in London or Surrey (approximately 2 hours shooting, and 2+ hours discussing the photoshoot and any other questions you might have afterwards) is £650. Other locations might be arranged, subject to my travel schedule and availability.

“I really wanted some local knowledge and one to one advice and opinions from someone who understands the documentary family business, my vision, and the local market.  Antonina was so sweet and professional and very kind in her approach.  She helped me to reframe my priorities and get myself organized.  I highly recommend working with her for a mentor session to help take the next step forward, to review your portfolio and help focus your business in the right direction.” – Tracy Warren